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"The Nuhous story all started in 2008 when our founder Alexander had taken on the task of designing and building his own house extension, loft conversion and complete renovation on his home in Finchley, North London. He was aiming to get the job completed by the non-negotiable deadline of October when his first son would be arriving. At many stages of the job he noticed that there was a lack of synergy and collaboration between some of the architectural services, building services and the other trades. This caused unnecessary delays, which were not the fault of any particular profession however the experience got Alexander thinking..... If all the services had been working together under one roof the experience could have been so much better! Alexander decided to start his own venture so he decided to focus on the design and build of loft conversions and house extensions that homeowners across London could benefit from. 

With the aim of offering a super slick coordinated approach, improved communication and a single point of contact for the client to be able to feedback to.  The whole process could be completed more efficiently with less duplication and vastly improved synchronization. The result he believed would be much better service for the customer and the efficiency savings of all the trades working in a streamlined manner would mean the company could remain competitive on price.  

After the hard work, perfecting the concept of design and build, long hours and many happy customers, Alexander came up with the name "Nuhous" in full it means "New House" since the house you are extending or renovating becomes a completely new space with a new feel and identity, a new house. Joining the two words together in a slick Portmanteau was a perfect way to represent the very core of the company's purpose. It only made sense to call the company Nuhous!"

Nuhous are a full service design and build company. Our services include architectural design, including planning applications, site measured surveys, building regulations applications, party wall surveying, structural engineers, construction for loft conversions and house extensions everything you need to get the correct approvals and to be ready for the construction phase.
We have built a solid reputation by delivering a quality end product, safely, on time and within budget.  We have formed excellent working relationships that keep our customers coming back to us time after time and recommending us to family and friends..

What do we think?

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Our company has its foundations firmly based on the needs of our customers. We believe that designing and building your dream home should be an exciting and rewarding journey for our clients, not something that leaves them too stressed to enjoy the end result.  All of our customers will receive the best customer services with an honest upfront approach to pricing the job, quality workmanship at every stage and excellent communication. We are reliable, cost effective and efficient. 

Nuhous quality work that lasts

Nuhous architectural designer London, United Kingdom. 

We are Local

We are based in Finchley, N3 London, United Kingdom. We work on projects in London, Hertfordshire and the United Kingdom.


We Commit 

We will be there with you every step of the way. From design to planning through to construction until your project is completed.



We believe in straightforward 

honest work with no shortcuts. Our pricing is realistic and transparent to allow each client to make the right decisions for their circumstances.



Dedicated architectural design services. We listen to what you want to achieve and translate that into inspiring and practical design.



Our mission is to design living spaces around you and to deliver the realisation of your nuhous in an efficient and timely way.



"We are a team of  highly talented architectural designers, surveyors, structural engineers, consultants, project managers, site managers, builders, carpenters, plumbers and electricians working together  with many years of experience to deliver the home you always dreamed . We have perfected the process of design and build, from start to finish. Successfully delivering design and build  of loft conversions and house extensions to homeowners  in  the UK."

Architecture design and build loft conversions, house extensions in North London, London, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Nuhous design and build London and Hertfordshire and United Kingdom is a specialist architectural designers, surveyors and planning company. With our end to end services we successfully start and finish every one of our projects. Our combined services incorporates planning, design, project management and construction. 

By providing services from start to finish we will deal with architecture, planning applications, planning negotiations, building control drawings, building control application, party wall survey and agreements, structural and construction drawings, construction schedule production, interior design, construction phase, start on project, dealing with building control during construction, electrical and plumbing installations, completion and finishing of the construction, certificate and Local Authority Building Control sign off. 

We cover all the areas in London, Hertfordshire and United Kingdom. Our offices are located in 3rd Floor, Hathway House, Popes Dr, Finchley, London N3 1QF. The radius for our architectural design services is within London, United Kingdom and surrounding areas, the radius for our construction services is 85 miles from our offices location.

What is a design and build company?

The design and build concept means that the multitude of specialist skills are combined into one entity, from one company that will deal with all the architecture consultation part and construction, saving both time and capital.

We will help you plan, design and build your house extension or loft conversion every step of the way.


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