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We survey the property, come up with the scheme and get the planning permission.

Here at Nuhous our aim is to provide you with the best architectural design solution for your project. Whether you are considering a home extension, loft conversion or residential house renovation we are here to help. What to expect? Full architectural design service in London and United Kingdom. This includes sketch design & feasibility, measured surveys, planning permission, and building regulation drawings.


We provide a complete planning and design service, including architectural design, planning applications, building regulations and project management.


We operate our architectural design services throughout London, Hertfordshire and the United Kingdom. Our fixed fee for loft conversions and house extensions pricing structure contains the key elements that you will need to design your project

How do we come up with a design

Our team at Nuhous keep one main factor at the forefront of their minds when creating our designs and that is you! We are completely focused on designing plans that make spaces work for homeowners. That is why when creating your new space we put you at the centre of the process and through our plans translate your requirements and wants into designs that work with all the necessary elements such as meeting planning permission and building regulations. Making your home desireable, safe, well constructed efficient and perfect for you.

Project brief

We will have a consultation with you in order to define the aims of the project  Tell us about what you would like to use your extra space for to help us come up with a design that suits you and compliments your day to day lifestyle. We will also gain an idea of the styles that inspire you and how the may affect the choices we present to you in your first set of plans. Use our handy loft conversion and home extension calculators to see the approximate cost of your build.

Site measured survey

We will measure your property in detail so that we can produce accurate drawings of your property in its current form. This will include floor plans, elevations and cross sections.

Schematic drawings

We will produce two sets of designs for you to choose from both tailored to the information that you have provided us and the measured survey data


Proposed design

Presenting you with the final design and working with you to finish off the drawings

Planning submission

We will then submit the application of your existing home plans and proposed design plans to planning for evaluation.

As follows you can find out about Nuhous process from start to finish.

Nuhous architecture process

  • Contact Nuhous

    1. Contact

    Use our online form to book a consultation call at a time and date that suits you best. We look forward to gaining an in-depth understanding of what you would like to achieve an how we can help you...

  • Consultation wth Nuhous

    2. Consultation

    The consultation call with a Nuhous specialist who will be happy to discuss with you what the aims, requirements, desired features, budgets, timescales, possibilities of your project and our process in more detail

  • 3. Quote

    During the consultation call you will receive a quote based on your requirements. You will have the option to go ahead with our services  once you have your quote and are happy.

  • Measured survey by Nuhous

    4. Measured Survey

    We will visit your property and survey all the required measurements for us to complete accurate drawings of the proposed development.

  • Propoed design by Nuhous

    5. Proposed Design

    We will then produce schematic drawings for your approval and discuss any changes that you would like to make before the submission for planning.

  • Planning Permission

    6. Planning Permission

    We will submit the planning application on your behalf and negotiate with the local planning office to get the best result for you.

  • Building regulation

    7. Building Regulation

    Building regulation approval drawings, once all passed you will be ready for construction.

  • 8. Structural Calculations

    One of our fully qualified structural engineers will produce structural drawings, this is an important part of the design, it will present a clear scope of how to achieve the construction of the project.

  • Party wall agreements

    8. Party Wall Agreements

    Generally any structural alterations within 3 meters of a party wall will require a party wall agreement and notices.

  • Project management

    9. Project Management

    Take the uncertainty and risk away from your project. we can project manage the construction process on your behalf

  • 10. Construction

    We build your loft conversion, home extension, renovation or new build. With our team of builders, carpenters and trades we deliver high quality construction services.


  • 11. Finishing 

    Once construction is complete the snagging specialists will carry out detailed walk arounds of your new space, listing any small finishing touches for revision to make your project perfect.

Some examples of our work

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Architecture services, gain the understanding of the process and what is required to make your project a success

Design & Build

A complete service from design phase to construction phase and finishing, we will design and build your entire project 

Project Management

Our construction management process for your loft conversion, home extension or new build. We build on your behalf.

Nuhous Architecture and Construction Services London, United Kingdom

We design, build, survey and project manage your loft conversion, home extension or home renovation. Architectural design, planning, survey, construction and project management under one roof.

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4.8 out of 5 based on 64 Reviews

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