Building Regulations Approval

Now that you have been granted planning permission approval the next stage we need to address before moving onto the construction of your project is gaining building regulations approval.


What is Building Regulation Stage

Building regulations are in place to ensure that new or altered structures are safe for the people who will be using them and that they meet certain energy efficiency standards in addition to other criteria. The regulations cover the technical aspects of the project it looks at structures, fire and safety, insulation, sound proofing, drainage and much more. 

For the majority of extension or loft conversion projects building regulation approval will be required in addition to planning permission. There are some total or partial exemptions to the requirement for approval.

In order to apply for building regulations approval we will need to complete detailed technical drawings of the new plans. These are required to demonstrate that all the specified standards will be met.

Building regulation process

Our team will produce your technical drawings in order to submit the plans and gain building regulations approval.

1. Preparation

Start to work on your construction drawings, assessment of all the information to produce appropriate and accurate building regulation drawings for you. 

2.Building Regulation

Make submission to building control for their assessments and approval. This will ensure you project is than built on approved UK regulation standards and meets legal requirements.

3. Construction

The design phase has been completed! Its time to select a contractor but where to start? We offer full project management services. Our services are designed to save you time and capital, whilst minimising the stress and unknowns. More about our structural engineer calculations >

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