Consultation Call

Our Nuhous consultation call is a very important part of the architecture design process. This is where we have an opportunity to talk in more detail about your project and find out exactly what you would like to achieve making your dreams a reality. Whether you have your own strong opinions about how you would like the designs to turn out or perhaps you just know that you need more space and would like to hear what is achievable we are happy to discuss your project with you, at a time that suits you.

Consultation Call

What do we talk about in our consultation call?

Once you have scheduled the booking of your free consultation call, for a time and date that is convenient to you, we will give you a call at your chosen time. Before your call we have a chance to prepare for our consultation and conduct our research about your property, it is very important that you present us with accurate details as we then can explore the opportunities and what can be achieved in greater detail. 

It would also be useful for our consultation call if you prepare a top 5 list of must haves, and questions you would like to ask about the design or build process and if have any existing floor plans to be emailed to us. 

Consultation call process

Below you can found out some of the main points about our consultation call and what happens.

1. Idea

Getting to know you and the details of your project. What your dreams, desires and wants are, how the design can function effectively around you and your family in a way that improves and enhances your daily life. Introducing more ideas and suggestions to your project to add inspiration and help you get the most out of the designs in the first draft. 

2. Budget

We will be able to give you an assessment of the costings for the design phase on the consultation call. Our prices are very competitive and offer excellent value for money. If you are planning on doing multiple extensions on the house (e.g. loft and rear extensions) in the near future let us know as doing the designs at the same time may save capital even if you are not planning to build both immediately. We can also estimate the cost for the construction phase. 

3. Location and Planning

There are many types of permitted development rules and rights, conservation area rules or planning rules on homes in the United Kingdom. For some properties these will present themselves as pretty straightforward, in others it may be slighlty more complex. We will do our best to answer the questions and concerns, sometimes this requires further investigation at which point it will be required to start our services in order to find the correct answers. Find out what is site measured survey >

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