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Design and build home extensions London, United Kingdom

Extending your house can be a great way to increase the value of your property. Currently the most popular choice we are seeing is the addition of new space onto the rear of the property whilst simultaneously removing the wall between a galley kitchen and dining room. This creates a substantial space to house a large open plan kitchen. Typically the trend is to add an oversized island with plenty of seating on one side and the sink or hob opposite. Extensions with bi-fold doors and skylights remain fashionable and we can see why, the difference in natural light added to the property is transformative to any house.  When we first speak to many clients during the initial free consultation they are undecided whther to move house or extend their current home in order to achieve the new space that they require. We believe that if you are happy with your location already then extending is a fantastic option to get the house exactly how you want it, down to the finest details. Extending your house is a great opportunity to add a new bathroom or a utility room or perhaps refurbish the whole house and the patio areas. 


House extensions come in all shapes and sizes, different types of materials and design, With our design and build services we can successfully complete your project from start to finish. 

London House Extensions

Extending your house is a fast and simple solution to adding new space to your house. The drab, dull,  boxy extensions of the 80's and 90's are a thing of the past and homeowners now have an abundance of amazing styles to choose from. Combine an extension with a home refurbishment and you can create an entirely bespoke home where you are able to select everything from the internal layout to the finishing touches. The selection is vast from traditional house extensions, modern house extensions and contemporary house extensions there truly is an ideal solution to suit every home and every homeowner. The house extension can be made and tailored to your needs, we can add as much lighting as you need or build new space for a big kitchen or dining room. 

House Extension Design and Build in London, United Kingdom

Options range from flat roofs, glass roofs to pitched and gable roofs, there are different types of extensions that can be created:

  • Single storey House Extensions. Usually a room extensions for various uses

  • Multi storey House Extension, add a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor and an open plan kitchen on the ground floor.

  • Wrap around House Extension. This is to the rear and side of the building

Do I need planning permission for a single storey house extension?

As a general rule of thumb most single storey extensions do not need planning permission and can instead be submitted under the permitted development scheme to receive a certificate of lawfulness. There are of course conditions to this and it will not apply to all projects but provided the extension meets the requirements as set out in the Town and Country Permitted Development order then it is unlikely that your extension will require planning permission. It is of course very important to confirm that your property and extension meet these criteria before commencing any work.


Please note, if you live in a flat or a maissonette then full planning permission will be required.  You may also need to obtain freeholder or landlord consent for the works.

Building Regulations

All extensions will require building regulations approval.  Even if there is no need to apply for planning permission, you will need to notify building control of the build. This is to ensure that the structure is safe for all who use it, suitably insulated and soundproofed. 

Building control approval consists of two processes.  The first involves submitting a set of building regulations drawings which will show the specifications of materials to be used on the build,  into your local authority for approval before commencement of works on site.

Once the drawings and supporting information have been checked and approval has been granted work can commence on site. The building control process will continue during the build. The building inspector will make regular scheduled visits to the site during key stages of the build to inspect and sign off the contractors work.

Provided the building inspector is happy with the work carried out on site they will issue a completion certificate to yourself/your contractor after their final visit at the end of the build.


Permitted development guidelines

Permitted development guidelines for single storey rear extensions. No more than half the area of land around the “original house” would be covered by additions or other buildings.

Single-storey rear extension must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than three metres if an attached house or by four metres if a detached house.

Materials to be similar in appearance to the existing house.

On designated land no cladding of the exterior.

In July 2020 the government announced major changes to the planning system that will apply from September this year.

Type of house extensions that there is..

Single Storey Extensions

Single Storey extensions are usually at the rear of the property and come in various sizes. They have flat, gable or vaulted ceilings with and options to add skylights or roof lanterns.


Two Storey Extensions

These extensions are completely transformative. Likely adding at least one bedroom and bathroom upstairs and plenty of space downstairs too. Major construction is required with altering the rear or the side of the house the roof also requires reconstruction. The results is almost like having a completely different house.


Wrap around extensions

Wraparound extensions are a popular choice and work on many types of houses, space permitting. They are great for utilising the full scope of ground floor space available.They provide options for excellent open plan kitchen'living space and potentially a new bathroom too. Add plenty of light to the property by selecting options from the vast variety of rooflights now available.


Side extensions

These have become a real trend on London terraces, creating quirky spaces and using imaginative glazed roofs to fill in the side return. On a semi-detached homes where there is a garage attached to the side, this option can give you more space and additional rooms, From increasing the kitchen/dining space or widening your property and adding additional value to the property.

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