Mansard loft conversions everything you need to know

Mansard loft conversions and everything there is to know about Mansard loft conversions. 

A mansard loft conversion, named after the 17th-century French Architect Francois Mansard, is situated to the rear of the property. This type of conversion has a flat roof, with the back wall sloping inwards at an angle of 72 degrees. Windows are usually housed within small dormers which extend from the roof to create additional space.


Mansard loft conversions cost from £65,000.00

Mansard loft conversion

What is a mansard loft conversion?


Mansard loft conversions have a flat roof and 72 degree walls slopping inwards, can be found across the whole footprint of the terraced house for like of the ones that have a butterfly roof for example. Mansard loft conversion can also be at rear of the property where your boundary walls vertically built up to accommodate a l shaped mansard or dormer mansard for example.

What are the benefits of mansard loft conversion?


Most mansard loft conversions offer a huge amount of space the would be on top of your house almost replicating the footprint of your fist floor space,

What is mansard loft conversion

Will i need planning permission for my mansard loft conversion?


Planning permission is almost always required for this type of extension. These conversions create maximum living space within your roof by effectively creating another storey to your property. As this results in changes to the roof shape and structure, it is highly likely that planning permission will be required from your local authority.

mansard loft conversion london

Is my house suitable for mansard loft conversion?


The most common place for mansard loft conversions will be in London, heavily populated areas, they are typically built on terraced house that have existing butterfly roof. None the less the mansard loft conversions can be constructed on any type of house, it is more got to do with planning rules in your area and what allowed.


What are the benefits of mansard loft conversion?


Can be constructed to almost any type of property and it provides huge amount of space for any-type of use. 

How much does mansard loft conversion cost in London and Hertfordshire areas?


How much does mansard loft conversion cost in London and Hertfordshire areas is between £65,000.00 to £95,000.00 on average. 

Mansard loft conversion cost depend on many factors such as the existing condition of your existing roof, size of the roof, location of the existing staircase, are there any repairs to the existing home to be done, are chimneys in the way or they need removal or alterations, level of finishing, materials and labour needed and much more. 

Mansard loft conversion cost

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