Party wall agreements, Party wall act 1996

A Party Wall Agreement is legally required for all structural alterations within 3 meters of any neighbouring property. By law the notice should be at least 2 months in advance. Our surveyors deal with party wall survey, party wall agreements and party wall notices. Serving the party wall notice and party wall awards as well as liaison with third party surveyors. Our surveyors are MCIOB and FPWS qualified.

Party wall agreements

Party wall act overview 

Your neighbours must be notified of any building work to be carried out near or on a shared property boundary or party wall. This includes work on an existing structure or party wall and any excavation work near to the foundation of their property,

Party wall surveyor process

Below you can find out some of the main points about the Party Wall Agreement process, what happens and how it might affect your building project.

1. Party wall notice

Party Wall Notices are served to your neighbours to inform them of your intent to undertake building work. It is ok for you to discuss the project and notice with them before the notice is issued and in some cases this may help to get a fast and agreeable response from them. The formal agreement must be in writing. Your neighbours have 14 days to respond once the notice is given.

2. Party wall award

If your neighbours do not agree to the Party Wall Notice then the next step is a Party Wall Award. Assessment of the Party Wall or boundary is carried out by a surveryor and supporting documents prepared in order to form an award. This is in liaison with neighbouring party wall surveyors.

3. Party wall agreement

Either way your neighbours cannot prevent you completing building work on your property that is legal and has the relevant approvals however they can influence how and when the construction happens. Party Wall agreement is successful, at this point you can start construction work given that you have completed all other relevant design phase stages.

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