Structural drawings and calculations

Structural drawings and structural calculations are a vital part of the design phase. They ensure that your new space is structurally sound and that the design is translated into solid construction. The structural engineer will ensure that a suitable and safe structure will be designed and calculated for your loft conversion, home extension or new build.

Structural drawings and calculations

Why are structural drawings and calculations required?

The simple answer is architectural designer will come up with the design your floor plans and elevations, the structural engineer will design a structure and calculate the structure meaning the size and thickness of your RSJ steels or size of timbers and grade to support upper levels. Sometimes we refer to these as the 'what' and the 'how' when explaining the relationship between the two processes to our clients. The designs are what you want to achieve from your project, the structural drawings are the how it will be achieved.

Structural engineer process

Below you can find out some of the main points about structural engineering process and what happens.

1. Site inspection

The Structural Engineer will attend your property and carry out the assessment of the existing property. Please note that in some cases the engineers will require parts of walls and ceilings to be removed or ground excavated to assess the structure for accuracy in liaison with building control.

2. Production of structural drawings

After the assessment the engineer will take all the measurements and other data that they have gathered from the property. They will then input this information into their own systems to come up with the design and calculations for the appropriate structure to support your new extension or loft conversion.. This usually takes around 2 weeks to complete.

3. Structural drawings and calculation release

Structural drawings and calculations are completed and ready to be released. These drawings are an essential component for building control and party wall matters as well as tendering. The contractors will need to see what specifically is involved in the structure before presenting their costs with a high level of accuracy. 

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